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Aging In Place Senior Housing Awareness Week

Platinum Sponsorship

Offered partner agencies opportunities to present workshops or presentations


Northfield Human Services

Support Letter

Endorsed Project to expand transportation resources in Washtenaw County


Washtenaw Area

Transportation Study

Consultation, Collaboration,

Support Letter

Endorsed grant proposal to expand options for seniors in Washtenaw County


Senior Advocates of Washtenaw

Meeting Space, Publicity

Encouraged participation of advocacy efforts

Blueprint Sponsorship

  • Community Request for Support


The Blueprint for Aging (BFA) strives to promote community endeavors which contribute to the greater good of older adults and their families in Washtenaw County.

The BFA offers the collective resources of the collaborative to provide consultation, meeting space, convening, expertise, publicity, support letters, limited financing or other appropriate requests as able.

The Blueprint for Aging supports positive, sustainable systems change that improves the quality of life for older adults. All projects seeking support must:

  • Advance the goals of the Blueprint for Aging (BFA) and be clearly articulated as falling within BFA strategic initiatives
  • Agree to a memorandum of understanding that outlines support granted and responsibilities of the project receiving support 

Click on the following links to view and print the
Community Request for Support forms 

To apply for sponsorship, save the forms to your desktop.

Follow the directions provided to complete the application.
Save your application!
Upon completion, return to the offices of the Blueprint for Aging.

(Refer to the request form for contact information).

Email submissions are preferred.

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