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Community Feedback

  • Some comments from community members and partners of the Blueprint for Aging


  • "Thanks for putting the link to our memoir writing class on...this... newsletter.  I'm sure it helped fill the class, with several more names on the wait list"  -Ira Lax, Outreach and Neighborhood Services, AADL

  • "I think we had a great partnership on yesterday's event [Senior Advocated education series]; sixty people attended and there was a lively give and take...Thanks for all your efforts in planning and executing this program!"   -Ira Lax, Outreach and Neighborhood Services, AADL
  • "Thank you!  I know it was a lot of work that went into getting us all together [focus group with BFA and Washtenaw Senior Centers] and I really appreciated meeting you and others.  I look forward to what we will all do together..."  -Rev. Yolanda Whiten, Center Director, Ann Arbor Community Center
  • "...Thank you again for doing so much for all of the CVs [community volunteers]. It was always so obvious that your heart was really in the project--not just for its success, but also for the relationships we all made, making it so valuable for each of us" - Klara Danner, Community Volunteers Pilot Project Participant

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