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2012 Senior Resource Directory for Washtenaw County
Catholic Social Services, Older Adult Services

Washtenaw Transportation Information

2009 Guide to Senior Exercise in Washtenaw County

Emergency Preparedness, Aging and Special Needs: Prepared vs. Scared
(Senate Special Committee on Aging)

View the Aging With Attitude Exhibit online gallery!

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 Building systems that make Washtenaw County

a great place to age


The Blueprint for Aging is a collaborative of seniors, family members, nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies working to improve services, care, and quality of life for older adults in Washtenaw County.


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                                     Blueprint for Aging Publications

                      Washtenaw County Transportation Information

If you are a senior in need of transportation,
 here are a few services that may helpful to you:

RIdeconnect is a new service that provides transporation information to Washtenaw County residents. Some who are 55 and older may qualify for financial assistance from a voucher program sponsored by the Blueprint for Aging.  Operators answer calls from 8 6 p.m, Monday through Friday.  
Click on the link below or call for more information:

Neighborhood Senior Services Medical Access Program is a volunteer based service that provides non-emergency, accompanied transportation to essential medical appointments for seniors in Washtenaw County.
Click here for more information

The Jewish Family Services Patient Partners Program provides trained volunteers to accompany older adults to medical appointments or procedures, to facilitate communication between the patient and the doctor, and to record in writing what happens at the appointment for the patient to keep and/or give to a family caregiver who may have been unable to attend the appointment. 
Click here for more information

                  If you have not had a chance to check out the
        Aging with Attitude Exhibit, click on the picture below!

Aging with Attitude
                                          Exhibit Gallery

Pictured below:
The Aging with Attitude Exhibit
 University of Michigan Slusser Gallery
March 7th - 28th , 2008




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The Blueprint for Aging is one of eight communities across the U.S. awarded grants to begin implementing strategic plans to improve long-term care and supportive services systems that respond to the current and future needs of at-risk older adults. The four-year, $750,000 grants were awarded on May 1, 2006, through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Community Partnerships for Older Adults.



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