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Blueprint for Aging Workgroups

In September 2007, the Blueprint for Aging Core Leadership Team met to identify strategic priorities that would guide Blueprint actions into 2009. Based on these identified priorities, Blueprint leadership created action workgroups, each with goals that will further system changes to our county’s long term care options for older adults. Blueprint for Aging Action Workgroups meet at least bi-monthly: February, April, June, August, October, and December. Meeting dates and information can be found on the BFA Website Calendar.

         Click here to view meetings and minutes


Action workgroups fall under the following

four Blueprint for Aging Initiatives:

I. Senior Leadership

Utilizing the skills and wisdom of older adults

II.  Aging in Place

Improving options and quality of life for seniors

III.  Technological Innovation

Using technology to streamline systems

IV.  Foundational Supports for System Changes

Structuring an elder-friendly community


Below are descriptions of BFA Action Workgroups, each listed under the corresponding Blueprint for Aging Initiative.

 In addition, each workgroup’s 18-month goals are identified.



    I. Senior Leadership

Volunteer Systems Change Workgroup

  • A marketing campaign and on-line enrollment/referral tool will recruit and enlist new, Baby-Boomer and non-traditional volunteers in community leadership positions.
  • Agencies serving seniors will have access to marketing materials that can be customized for their individual outreach to the new model of volunteers.

       Click here to view the workgroup charter

Senior Centers and Community Centers Workgroup

  • Senior and community centers will determine ways in which they and the Blueprint for Aging are able to share a role in the continuum of options and services for older adults.

       Click here to view the workgroup charter

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   II. Aging in Place

Transportation Pilot Workgroup

  • Practical, sustainable action plans will be critically analyzed to deliver enhanced transportation options, respite support and volunteer support to hard-to-reach areas of the county as indicated by findings.

       Click here to view the workgroup charter

Village Model Workgroup

  • Increased home services and support will be implemented utilizing the “Village Model”. Neighborhoods of varying economic status will be observed and supported in their grassroots efforts to develop supportive services for seniors that are accessible, affordable and outside the public sector. Lessons learned will explore the feasibility of a model that includes low-income seniors.

       Click here to view the workgroup charter

Community Volunteers Pilot Workgroup

  • Trained volunteers and residents of four neighborhoods in Washtenaw County will serve as trusted, knowledgeable contacts linking seniors with needed resources.  This model will be evaluated for effectiveness in enhancing "aging in place" and lessons learned will be incorporated into a manual for community-based volunteerism.

Click here to view the workgroup charter


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  III.  Technological Innovation

Technology Workgroup

  • E-referral systems will provide a secure, private way for referrals to be received, responded to, accepted, rejected—and a way to count services, inform the need for services, and determine what needs remain unmet.
  • Seniors and care givers will have the ability to find and understand what services are available and to access the appropriate provider (non-profit and for-profit) using an online Senior Decision Tree.

      Click here to view the workgroup charter

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  IV. Foundational Supports for System Changes

Senior Data Workgroup

  • Meaningful data will be identified and collected in the community in conjunction with Washtenaw County Health Improvement Plan, Washtenaw United Way, Collaborative Council of Washtenaw County, and in response to identified needs and projects
  • Service agencies (for-profit and not-for-profit) and government departments have identified and begun collection of a consistent core set of data to support understanding of community conditions of significance for seniors.

     Click here to view the workgroup charter

Fund Development Workgroup

  • Community of funders and senior service agencies will have an agreed upon process that supports a collaborative and coordinated funding approach to local as well as non-local resources.
  • Significant outreach has taken place to secure non-local dollars for seniors.

      Click here to view the workgroup charter

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